Liz England - Level/Game/System Design Deja Vudu

Deja Vudu

PC / Half-Life 2Mod

Adventure / Action / Puzzle

In Deja Vudu, the player is trapped in a mysterious mansion inhabited by voodoo spirits - Loa - and is guided through place and time by a voodoo doll.

This was a team mod developed by 12 students. I was responsible for the overall creative vision, from concept to implementation.

You can download the mod here (280mb, requires Half-Life 2).

Read a review the game here.

In Deja Vudu, the player wakes up sealed within an old boarded up mansion. A voodoo doll in your possession explains that it is inhabited by Loa - voodoo spirits that inhabit objects within the mansion - and that only by capturing them can the player unseal the building and escape.

These Loas also uncover sigils that the voodoo doll can use to help the player travel through time - glimpsing the mansion in its pristine state over a hundred years earlier.

The gameplay is largely first-person adventure, with a focus on exploration and puzzle-solving.

Deja Vudu was a 5-month senior project among 12 students built entirely in Half-Life 2. I created and updated the Game Design Document, defined new gameplay systems, and held the overall creative vision for the project. I also wrote and implemented all the dialogue, created static meshes, and decorated levels.


Official Trailer:

Unofficial Playthrough (Part 1 of 3)