This is where you learn about the game!\n\nWho you are!\nA farmer. But oh noes! Giant Darkwood Spiders have infested your farmland! They are attacking your farmhands and destroying your crops! If you don't do something, you'll go destitute!\n\nThere's really only one choice... you must hire a hero!\n\n[[Morning]]\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $spiderpop = 10>>\n<<set $crops = 10>>\n<<endsilently>>
A quest pop-up generated from the number of spiders to kill and the reward offered, with the same text.\n\nTime to wait for a hero to come by!\n\n[[Afternoon]]
It is morning.\nThe spider population is: <<print $spiderpop>> spiders!\nYou were able to recover: <<print $crops>> units of crops!\n\nTime to put out the sign to recruit heroes...!\n\nHEROES WANTED\nKill the Darkwood Spiders destroying my crops!\n\nHow many would you like the hero to kill?\n1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - ALL OF THEM!\n\n[[Choose the reward]]
TowerJam Entry\n\nNew Quest: Destroy Giant Darkwood Spiders!\n\n[[Begin]]
It's afternoon!\n\nA hero comes by to check out your quest.\n\nHe takes the quest that you offered.\n\nYou kills <spider_req> and takes <reward>!\n\nYou can rest easy for the rest of the day. But there are still <<print $spiderpop>> spiders left!\n\n[[Night]]
You check your stores:\n\nYou have 1 silver and 35 copper\nYour great-aunt's gaudy necklace, with unindentified magical properties\nA baudy romance novel that might sell well on the auction house\nA basket with 5 loaves of bread, which regenerate health while sitting\nA flask of homemade whiskey\n\nYou have no money. [Find more money.]\nYou have no more items to reward with. [Find more items.]\n\nMore money options:\nMortgage the farm\nPredatory lenders\nRent out the stables\nSell the horses\nSell the furniture\nSell the clothes\nSend the children off to do labor\nBeg in the streets for money\n\nMore item options:\nGive away the family pet\nYour wedding ring, the only memory you have left of your husband\nYour rifle, the only protection you have against the spiders\n\nAlternative: you could offer the heroes XP but it comes from your OWN XP - which is limited. You can de-level yourself.\n\n[[Generate Quest]]
You go to sleep in your bed. (Variations based on what you have left in your home as it becomes more destitute).\n\nOutside, you can hear the distant sound of spider eggs cracking as they hatch.\n\nThe spider population as grown by 10!<<set $spiderpop += 10>>\n\n[[Morning]]